A Celestial Breath & Sound Journey

A Celestial
Breath & Sound Journey 

Wednesday 20th September
6:45pm - 8:45pm

Venue: St Dionis Church, Parsons Green SW6 4UH


Rob, the Founder of That Breath Guy, will take us through a Conscious Connected Breathing session - an ancient deep healing modality of breathwork. While Zehra, the Founder of The Self Love Lab, will dive deep with an immersive sound journey throughout.
Through this breathwork and sound, we can give voice to the trauma that’s living in the body. We often don’t have the language to articulate what’s happening in the body, and breathwork can be one of the keys to help us with this. The gong and crystal bowls will soothe you into a state of relaxation and stillness. Let the sound and breath flow through your body like water, and the smell of incense soothe and calm your mind. 
Sound healing is a powerful form of meditation, and breathwork can be used as a gateway into this meditation. The sound can then be used to lower stress and anxiety levels, allowing us to let go of any tension we may be holding onto vibrationally. It is a mindful practice that holds huge benefits when combined with breathwork.

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