Sound Interwoven

Immersive Sound Bath

Hosted by 
Garwyn Linnell
& Verity Megan

Friday 29th September


Join Garwyn Linnell and Verity Megan to honour the changing season with an Autumnal tea ceremony, immersive sound bath and gentle guided meditation in the calming surroundings of Resilience Zone in South West London. Gathering in the tide of the Equinox, our hosts will integrate sound with nature's poetry, absorbing the rich, generous spirit of Harvest.

The evening will begin with a traditional tea ceremony, and then it is time to lay your body and bones down, yielding your weight to the Earth as you are bathed in sounds Interwoven with the Cello, Crystal Alchemy singing bowls, flute and Shamanic drum. Garwyn and Verity will guide you on a shamanic journey with a gentle meditation to lead you in and draw you out of the sound. There will be the opportunity to share afterwards, should you wish.

What to Expect

  • Traditional Tea Ceremony with Elderberry, enriched with Rosehip
  • Shamanic Journey/ Guided Meditation
  • Immersive Sound Bath with sounds interwoven
  • Healthy homemade treats to end
Garwin & Verity