Recalibrate, Rest and Restore - Crystal Sound Bath

Recalibrate, Rest & Restore – Crystal Sound Bath

Farzana Ali - Sound therapist
Saturday 17th September, 10.00am-11.15am

Join us for a restorative crystal sound bath where the gentle, melodic sounds of crystal singing bowls will activate your bodies' rest and digest’ response.  

Let go of the week that’s past and get ready to recalibrate your central nervous system, all you need to do is lie down and allow the sounds to 'wash over you'.

Different notes will be played in a therapeutic way to allow you to drift into a deeply restful state. The frequencies produced by the bowls will slow down the brainwaves to increase your relaxation further. It’s the perfect way to switch off,  recharge and prepare for the weekend ahead.

You’ll leave feeling refreshed, a whole lot calmer and altogether more alert.

Farzana Ali