Food Behaviours

Feeling food fear

Nobody should have to worry about their relationship with food. Agonising over certain ingredients, scrutinising weight, harbouring guilty or secretive thoughts about eating or feeling out of control at mealtimes can wear you down. Food fear has a way of impacting other areas of your life too: family time, your relationships with people and how you feel about yourself.

Food is important in life, but it shouldn’t take over

Treating food-related issues requires an in-depth understanding, not just of nutrition but also the psychological and emotional factors that often sit behind these conditions. At Resilience Zone, instead of seeing numerous specialists across psychotherapy, nutrition, hypnotherapy, behavioural science and coaching, we offer personally tailored treatments that blend the most effective techniques from all these disciplines.

We can help with a wide range of behaviours, from disordered eating to relationships with body image to emotional eating. We don’t believe in telling you what to put in your mouth, our focus is more on helping you build better relationships with food. Freeing your headspace from all-consuming thoughts of calories, rules and rigid ways of eating allows you to start enjoying meal times and supplies you with a toolbox of actionable skills.