In Fulham,
a revolution in emotional health.

So, who are we? In a nutshell we’re experts in mental health wellness. We offer straightforward access to flexible, stigma-free mental maintenance support which means whatever you need to function better day-to-day, you’ll find it here all under one roof; from talking therapy, life coaching, teen counselling, master-classes, events and workshops, to eating disorder advice, body work therapy, breathwork and meditation classes, our resilience toolbox has it covered.

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We only use trusted and approved techniques. No half-baked new age theories. No woo. We rely on evidence backed tools that allow you to flourish, grow and bounce forwards from life when things don’t go to plan. Our mission is to make the highs higher and the lows more manageable. We’re also the sister company of Transition Zone, an established and well known training studio just five minutes away, the focus there is physical fitness so you could say we have wholebody wellness covered.