Georgiana Monckton

Georgiana Monckton

Energy healer, Reiki practitioner (Reiki Association, CNHC) 

Specialist Interest: Grief, trauma, physical aches and pains or injury.

Georgiana Monckton - Energy Healer, Reiki practitioner

About Georgiana:

Georgiana is a qualified Usui Reiki Master with 20 years experience of bringing healing to her clients. Her success lies in building strong connections to help people find balance, both in body and mind. Through a blend of techniques and modalities, Georgiana will bring about a state of homeostasis in order for your mind and body to heal. Reiki works on all levels - spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. It is a hands-on treatment that works by channelling energy and is effective on children as well as adults. People can find a lot of emotions come up during a session and you might also feel intense heat, tingling, lightness or a deep sense of peace and wellbeing. Sensations differ from person to person and Georgiana will tailor the session according to your individual needs. Georgiana is also a published author. In her book, Dear Isobel, she offers a raw yet inspirational account of the trauma of losing her first daughter and her journey coming to terms with the loss.

Georgiana's key areas:

  • Grief
  • Trauma,
  • Physical aches
  • Pains
  • Injury