Fabian Cowdrey

Fabian Cowdrey

Master Life Coach, Entrepreneur & Ex Professional Cricketer

Specialist Interest: The transferable sporting mindset, Transformation, 1-1 tailored coaching, Group Coaching, Discovering your purpose, Overcoming trauma, Depression, Anxiety, Building confidence, Conquering Goals

Fabian Cowdrey - Life Coach

About Fabian:

Fabian Cowdrey is a Master Certified Life Coach with comprehensive training and experience to transform your everyday life, fulfil your goals, bringing you a peace of mind and happiness that you have never experienced.

Fabian ‘empowers individuals experiencing an identity crisis, to transition from their past, discover their worth and fulfil their potential. Fabian works with clients globally towards their personal and business goals.’

As a former professional cricketer, Fabian followed his Father, Uncle and Grandfather into elite cricket; a journey steeped with pressure and expectation. Known as the ‘cricket kid’ growing up due to unparalleled performances amongst his peers, Fabian was destined for sporting greatness. However at just 24 years old, Fabian walked away from the family business following a family split, suffering a major identity crisis.

Fabian made sporting history becoming the first third generation cricketer to play professional cricket, a journey stepped with pressure and expectation. He followed his Father, Uncle and Grandfather into the professional game, making 72 appearances for Kent County Cricket Club.

“Cricket was all I knew and all I was known for. I just wanted to make my Family proud of me. I wish I had the perspective then, that I have developed now.”

Since his retirement, Fabian visited the darkest of places, but has fought to rediscover his worth and find his purpose. Showing incredible resilience, Fabian used his adversities to conquer his demons, turning his pain into power. Fabian has transformed into a successful entrepreneur, fitness coach, broadcaster and Master Certified Life Coach, and has given his life to the service of others.

“There is nothing more powerful than using my experiences and intensive training to help others when they need me the most. I am living proof that you can rise from the ashes and beat anything if you want it bad enough.”

Fabian's key areas:

  • The transferable sporting mindset
  • Transformation
  • 1-1 tailored coaching
  • Group Coaching
  • Discovering your purpose
  • Overcoming trauma
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Building confidence
  • Conquering Goals