Time to Transition

After almost 10 years, the Heathman’s Road location of Transition Zone has ended.

Time to Transition


After almost 10 years, the Heathman’s Road location of Transition Zone has ended.

Unfortunately, the four walls that have been home to classes, personal training, events, workshops, and so much more have been sold to another Heathman’s Road resident. What was our home will now be the head office for a retail company, Selective Marketplace.

I have been working tirelessly to find an alternative site in the last few months. Unfortunately, hopes of a seamless move are not to be; several possible locations have fallen through.

However, on a more positive note, I have found a solution, and I am hopeful it will work out; please just bear with myself and the team, and we will bring you more news in the coming few weeks. We are all very hopeful.

We still move….

All group classes will be relocated to our beautiful studio at the sister site, Resilience Zone, on Lettice Street. Although they won’t be your traditional signature TZ classes, we will bring you a choice to ensure you stay fit, strong and happy.

For any questions on your class memberships, please click here.

All massageosteopathy and B12 injections will be available at Resilience Zone.

RZ studio

Dates for your diary

Last classes at Transition Zone will be Sunday 20th August.

All classes will be relocated to Resilience Zone from Monday, 21st August.

From now until our last day at Healthman’s Road, drop-in classes only will be available.

Over but not out...

Please rest assured that myself and the team are doing all we can to ensure you have a place to train. 

Our community is tight, and this unforeseen inconvenience will not hold us back!